Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

A commercial news interviewer would have asked better questions


Blogger Illusory Tenant, aka Thomas Foley, was on WUWM’s Lake Effect with Jane Hampden yesterday. The podcast is online.

I re-listened to the program again today to confirm Hampden only touched on Illusory Tenant’s reputation as “the champagne of hateblogs.” Had Hampden done her research she would have asked Foley about the time he called Jessica McBride a c—. It’s not like Hampden didn’t have cause to ask Foley about the incident. After all, McBride is a lecturer at the university where WUWM operates and broadcasts. McBride was even a prior guest on Hampden’s show.

It’s not like there wasn’t anything to follow the McBride incident. After all, there was the time he called blogger Kathy Carpenter a “bitch.” Does he dislike women? Some women? Just women who speak their minds? Does he believe civil discussions are even possible on the internet? What other anonymous names has he used to insult women? Did he mind that a woman was asking him questions?

Who knows? Had Hampden asked those questions, maybe it would have been radio worth a few sales of commercials.

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