Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

A response from the Waukesha Schools Superintendent


I received the following email from Waukesha School District Todd Gray yesterday in response to my Thursday column in the Waukesha Freeman. With his permission I’ve posted it below. The district grade to which I referred was actually the letter grades applied by the MacIver Institute to the grading by the Department of Public Instruction. The district-wide “C” was discussed in a previous Waukesha Freeman column


Thanks for the kind words today. On the student achievement front, we really did not get a district wide  ‘C’  from DPI as they do not establish a district grade. Some other organization may have made that up, but it is not a statistically sound measure in the way it is calculated. We did have some schools that did very well on the prior report cards as well.  And some of those that did not do well were due to non-achievement items such as attendance and test inclusion. One of the reasons I felt the first version of the school report cards were inaccurate…and that was ultimately admitted to by Tony Evers. Keep in mind we have continued to beat the state average on ACT scores and other standardized tests.

As for the latest school report cards, I am happy to report that this year’s state school report cards which are embargoed until 9/17, will show improvement in all schools and most of the schools that were labeled as “meets Few Expectation” have now improved to the next or even higher categories.;


Todd W. Gray, Ed. S
Superintendent of Schools
The School District of Waukesha

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