Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Adios Mr. Administrator!


The Waukesha Freeman is reporting our Galactic Overlord, I mean City Administrator, Jim Payne is a finalist for a new job in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Not that we would want to encourage him to leave (although we’ll help him pack if needed), but I thought Payne would like to learn a few things about his prospective home:
1. New Mexico is mostly desert and in need of water. Just like Waukesha.
2. They have an internet online form for requesting street light replacement.
3. They have free landfill access, at least until they hire Jim Payne.
4. They have a mayor, too!
5. They have a city manager, too! Doesn’t he look like the Dean of Students in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Oh yeah, he makes the budget, too. What a screwed up system that is to have a mayor and a city manager, and the city manager creates the budget. Oh yeah. Oops.
6. Hey, look! Rio Rancho coupons!
7. This may be Payne’s only chance to be in a movie. I don’t think Hollywood is coming to Waukesha.
8. Semi-pro football. Only $3.00!
9. They have two, count ’em two Italian restaurants. (Okay, if someone opened a gyro stand with frozen custard down there, they would make a killing.)
10. They have two newspapers. They even have citizens that write letters wondering why the mayor just doesn’t take over the job of the city manager. Just like Waukesha!

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