Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Andrew Ferguson buries Gore Vidal


Writing in the Weekly Standard, Andrew Ferguson buries Gore Vidal and the cultural class that applauded him:

However you measure these achievements from a career spanning seven decades, they amount to no more than a handful, soon to turn to dust.

Yet in 2009, at a humid dinner filled with our culture’s leading personages, he was presented with the lifetime National Book Award for his Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Was Danielle Steel busy that year? The Personages greeted him with a prolonged and affectionate standing ovation, a favor he returned by talking about himself, alternately cranky and befuddled, for nearly an hour. He figured no one would dare show signs of boredom as he lulled them inexorably into catalepsy, and he was right. The Personages had been programmed for reverence.

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