Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Attending the 2014 RightWomen Awards dinner


If you were at the 2014 RightWomen Awards Dinner, you either had a really good time or you tried desperately hard not to. Hosted by RightWisconsin (where I am a contributor, of course), the party at the Pfister was a great evening for Wisconsin conservatives.

The announced honoree for the evening was Wisconsin’s First Lady Tonette Walker who received the Margaret Thatcher Award. Governor Scott Walker and their two sons gave speeches praising Tonette for the courage she demonstrated during the protests, including at their home, in 2011.

doreen and me 2

The Lovely Doreen and I at the champagne toast by the governor.

Who else was there? Well, nearly everybody. At our table Media Trackers’ Brian Sikma and his wife Amy, Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander and her husband Phillip, and Assembly Republican Majority Leader Pat Strachota and her husband Tom. Alexander was nominated for the Iron lady Award for her service on the county board and Strachota was nominated for the Trailblazer Award.

When Charlie Sykes introduced the staff of RightWisconsin, I told Sikma we needed to cheer the loudest for Collin Roth. Later Roth correctly guessed it was because he processes our invoices.

Before the dinner, the Lovely Doreen and I had a chance to talk to Rose Fernandez. Fernandez led the fight to save online public charter schools in Wisconsin. She told us that she didn’t believe she was going to win in the category in which she was nominated, the Innovator Award. The surprise on her face when she gave her acceptance speech was genuine, as well as her gratitude for the award.

(I’m supposed to tell Brian Fraley that Rose did a good job delivering her speech. Well, she did.)

Just a few of the people we spoke with Friday night: We had fun catching up with friends like State Rep Joe Sanfelippo and his wife Becky, who shared stories of Maria’s Pizza with Doreen. State Rep Jessie Rodriguez was there with her blogger husband Aaron Rodriguez. Kevin Binversie was way too knowledgeable about the vote in Scotland. State Rep Dale Kooyenga and State Sen Paul Farrow were in a celebratory mood. Nick Novak from the MacIver Institute asked me for my latest column. And, of course, we had to congratulate State Senator Leah Vukmir for winning the Iron Lady Award.

Doreen and me at dinner.

Doreen and me at dinner.

By the way, while I didn’t take advantage of it, if you ever wanted a picture with Sheriff David Clarke, the champagne reception after the dinner was definitely the occasion.

I suppose I should give the food report since Dan Bice will ask. The filet was prepared just right, considering how many people were there. The lobster cake was delicious. And Brian Sikma will swear by the chocolate dessert. We didn’t save any for Dan.

So, despite the disaster getting the tux for the event, I am really glad the Lovely Doreen and I attended. Thank you to RightWisconsin for inviting us. And to all of those that stopped to say how much you appreciate my work, thank you. I confess I left Friday night with a really inflated ego. (The rest of you can just send a letter to the editor.)


Governor Scott Walker giving a toast to the women honored Friday night, including his wife Tonette.

Governor Scott Walker giving a toast to the women honored Friday night, including his wife Tonette.

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