Monday, August 19th, 2019

Can we stop inviting Ann Coulter to conservative events?


I’ll repeat myself: National Review was right to fire her, and conservatives should stop associating with her.

The latest victims of Ann Coulter’s latest offensive rant designed to attract attention to herself were not so much John Edwards or homosexuals (both of whom will survive this quite nicely) but the other speakers who will now be asked to defend themselves for appearing at an event when Ann Coulter used the term, “faggot.”

Why do conservatives continue to embarrass themselves by bringing Ann Coulter out in public? Haven’t we figured out that her schtick is not at all different than Howard Stern’s? Giving Coulter a podium and a microphone is like handing a nail gun to a two-year-old.

I think part of the problem is that there is a significant faction of the Right that wishes we were as free to be as obnoxious and offensive as the political Left, and they’re more than willing to embrace Coulter just to hear the Left gasp. Except the Left isn’t gasping anymore. They use Coulter to justify their own extremists even as they also use Coulter to bash anyone associated with the Right forcing all of us to once more go through the routine of saying, “Of course I don’t hate homosexuals, and I condemn what Ann Coulter said…” (That extends to pundits, too.)

Maybe this will be the last straw, but I doubt it. After all Joe Sobran still draws dinner invitations. But with any luck conservative organizations will have learned their lesson and finally ostracize Coulter.

Maybe then she’ll shave her head, enter rehab, write a book and become a liberal.

Now that will be funny.

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