Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Everyone deserves clean drinking water except white people


The city of Waukesha is applying for a diversion of Lake Michigan water, using a provision put into the Great Lakes Compact, to provide a safe and environmentally sustainable source of water for the city’s future. With the science against them, opponents of Waukesha’s water application have turned to using the race card. Over at the MacIver Institute, I point out the absurdity:

With science and logic against them, opponents of Waukesha’s application are trying to use the region’s historic racial segregation. “Allowing a Lake Michigan water diversion to enable continued unrestrained sprawl and job migration will have the inevitable effect of perpetuating racial and economic segregation in the region, to the clear disadvantage of persons of color, especially African-Americans,” according to a statement by Fred Royal, president of the Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP in the press release.

However, the issue of “urban sprawl” was already dealt with in a study by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) in 2010. It stated, “…it is unlikely that the recommendation for the selected communities to change water sources, from groundwater to Lake Michigan, would yield any significant socio-economic imbalances through 2035.” The Waukesha Water Utility also points out that only 15% of the land in the water service area is available for new development.

The statement by the groups also makes some interesting claims, such as Waukesha must be hostile to minorities because conservative voters didn’t like the idea of light rail. That’s racism because a Nazi in Milwaukee once campaigned for mayor on the crime issue and suburbanites are (understandably) afraid of Milwaukee crime spilling into their neighborhoods. So a Nazi in Milwaukee running for public office is evidence of racism in Waukesha. Sounds like minorities would be more welcome in Waukesha.

By the way, for all of those Milwaukeeans that are supposedly worried about “urban sprawl,” I don’t see any of them wearing “Free Granville” t-shirts.

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