Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Good lord. Pack it up and go home


Good to see the National Club for Growth burning through money like it’s kindling.

National Tea party groups took one on the chin Tuesday night as Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran survived a primary challenge from Chris McDaniel. Despite a 6,400 vote difference, McDaniel is refusing to concede the election. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reports McDaniel is considering challenging the results because Democrats may have crossed over in Mississippi’s open primary to save Cochran. Mississippi’s open primary laws require the voter to commit to voting for the eventual nominee, so in theory Democrats who would not be voting for Cochran in November committed vote fraud if they voted for him Tuesday.

Complicating matters, Mississippi, like Wisconsin, does not have party registration. Finding these cross-over Democrats is more than problematic, it will be nearly impossible. But even if McDaniel can miraculously find 6,400 die-hard Democrats that would never-ever-ever vote for Cochran in November, that would still not be enough. Mississippi likely has the same law as Wisconsin that says when a fraudulent ballot is cast, a ballot is picked at random and tossed out. Somewhere someone is feverishly doing the math, but assuming roughly a 51-49 chance of each candidate’s ballots getting tossed for each fraudulent voter, it’s going to take a lot more than 6,400 ballots to be tossed to overturn the election.

Which means that somehow McDaniel would have to get the election tossed out entirely. That just does not happen.

McDaniel and Cochran had the same playing field going in, and McDaniel lost. Surely the national Tea Party groups and McDaniel’s campaign accounted for the potential of a Democratic cross-over vote. They needed to persuade that many more Republicans that McDaniel, not Cochran was the better candidate. They failed.

There is no way to overcome 6,400 in a statewide primary election. It’s time McDaniel conceded the election, and time for the national Tea Party groups to go screw up another election somewhere else.

I mean, for cripes sake, Brett Favre beat you.

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