Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Hot time at the chili competition


Some quick results from the Village of Wales Municipal Chili Cook-off.

Congratulations to Erik Wigderson for winning the judges’ competition for the best chili in the “hot” category. Brother Erik’s chili also finished second in the popular vote in that category. Erik’s chili was my personal favorite. It was meaty with a nice kick after the taste of the chili. Not one of his more dangerous chili recipes, but definitely one of the tastiest and well-deserving of the win in the “hot” category.

Congratulations, too, to Pauline Wigderson for her vegetarian chili. The trick with vegetarian chili is that it has to taste like chili and not vegetable soup. Sister-in-law Pauline’s chili was a very good chili, regardless of the category. For her efforts, Pauline won first place from the judges and in the popular vote for her chili in her category, and her chili had the most votes of any chili entered in the competition.

Among the wild game entries this year: elk, venison, pheasant, and bear. The lovely Doreen and I both preferred the pheasant this year.

The most interesting chili was in the “white” category, the Turkey Thanksgiving chili. The pumpkin spice was a nice touch.

The real winner were the local food pantries. Organizers collected over six barrels of food Sunday.

Definitely a good time for a good cause. I’m looking forward to next year’s competition already.

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