How Much Compensation Do You Get for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the occurrence of consistent ringing or buzzing in the ear, and it is a symptom of an underlying condition, rather than a condition itself. There are many reasons you may be experiencing tinnitus, and one very common cause is trauma from an injury. More specifically, trauma from a motor vehicle accident is one of the most common reasons people develop tinnitus. If you are a victim of a car, bicycle, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident and you have developed tinnitus, you know how painful and aggravating it can be.


Treating tinnitus that is a symptom of an injury is very difficult, and you may find your medical bills are piling up — meanwhile, your insurance company may also be reluctant to cover doctor visits. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be eligible for compensation. Pursuing civil litigation for your injuries can be tricky, especially if you’re going up against your insurance company. It’s important to find an experienced and dedicated attorney who specializes in personal injury cases to ensure you have the best chances of winning your case.


Colorado Personal Injury Attorney

If you live in Colorado and are looking for representation in a civil litigation case for your tinnitus injury, you will want to look for a personal injury lawyer specifically from a personal injury law firm. These firms employ passionate professionals with years of experience in personal injury law. The Paul Wilkinson personal injury attorneys from the Paul Wilkinson Law Firm, LLC offer premier legal services to injury victims and guarantee you will receive the best settlement for your case.


The Paul Wilkinson Law Firm is an elite plaintiff’s personal injury firm and they provide the highest level of professionalism from their attorneys. The law firm offers a free consultation for potential plaintiffs, and they don’t collect any payment from you unless they win your case. You can be sure you are in great hands for the whole process with attorney Paul Wilkinson and his team.

Attorney Paul Wilkinson has won thousands of personal injury cases, and his years of experience aren’t just in personal injury law; as a former insurance adjuster, he knows the ins-and-outs of health insurance companies and can help plaintiffs have clear expectations for the outcomes of their case and get you fair compensation. Attorney Paul Wilkinson and his team specialize in Bad Faith Insurance cases, and they know their clients have a reasonable expectation for their insurance company to cover their medical bills — and they want to hold these corporations accountable.

Successful Outcomes

The Paul Wilkinson Law Firm understands how debilitating a serious injury resulting in tinnitus can be, and they have your best interest in mind. Headaches, memory problems, and hearing loss can all accompany these sorts of injuries. To attorney Paul Wilkinson, a successful outcome is getting you fair compensation and holding the responsible party accountable, even when the responsible party is your health insurance company. In one case, Paul Wilkinson won a case for a client who had a severe brain injury due to an auto accident, and the personal injury plaintiff was awarded $1.4 million in compensation.

The Paul Wilkinson Law Firm understands that no matter how much money you receive from a tinnitus settlement it cannot undo the injuries you have sustained, but they are committed to fighting for justice in your litigation in the hopes that a fair settlement will ease any financial struggles caused by medical bills and other expenses related to your injuries. If you are suffering from tinnitus as a result of a traumatic injury, Paul Wilkinson’s elite plaintiff’s personal injury firm can provide you with a great attorney who can get you the compensation you deserve.