Saturday, August 17th, 2019

I miss Milwaukee Magazine


Michael Horne of UrbanMilwaukee is reporting the departure of Milwaukee Magazine Editor Christina Daglas for “Big D.” As she leaves for Dallas, Horne remembers the departure of Bruce Murphy to UrbanMilwaukee:

Daglas joined Milwaukee Magazine in 2009 as an assistant editor, and it was her first full-time job in journalism. She became Managing Editor in 2011 before assuming the top job there in February 2012 after the abrupt departure of Bruce Murphy, who is now the editor of Urban Milwaukee.

I had been a regular contributor to the magazine at the time, and was the first to report Murphy’s departure, which I did without realizing that Daglas had been named his replacement. I found out when she called me up and chewed me out. Her appointment as editor surprised me more than did Murphy’s departure, which itself was a considerable shock.

Perhaps in response to questions that arose about her limited experience, Daglas rather amusingly listed herself as having ten years experience in journalism, which took her all the way back to her high school years and encompassed the six years getting her college and master’s degrees.

During the Daglas era the magazine lightened up its coverage with more features on fashion, style, and trends. Milwaukee’s cupcake renaissance was not overlooked. A substantial amount of the magazine’s on-line archives likewise disappeared, including all of my stuff.


I love the headline, “Daglas Does Dallas.” I doubt she would get the reference.

Erik Gunn’s Pressroom Buzz is about all that’s left. I can’t think of the last time someone said to me, “Did you read that article in Milwaukee Magazine?”

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