Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

If I never see one of these again…


Do we really need to declare June as “Dairy Month” in Wisconsin?

Governor Walker Issues Dairy Month Proclamation for June
Madison – Today Governor Walker issued a proclamation naming June as the state’s official dairy month. 
According to a study by a UW professor, the dairy industry contributes more than $26.5 billion per year to Wisconsin’s economy and employs more than 146,000.  With more than 125 cheese plants and 12,000 dairy farms, Wisconsin produces 600 varieties of cheese—more than any other state, according to the WI Agricultural Statistics Service and WI Milk Marketing Board.
“The dairy industry is a vitally important part of Wisconsin’s economy, culture and heritage,” said Governor Walker.  “Agriculture has traditionally been one of the largest economic engines in our state.  Moving forward it is going to be important to reinvigorate the dairy industry by highlighting the private sector driven innovations that are taking place all across our state.”

Is there any month that isn’t “Dairy Month” in Wisconsin? Will this make the cows produce more milk? Are you suddenly thirsty for more milk because this is “Dairy Month?” Is Pick N Save going to have to take the soda off the shelves to make room for more varieties of flavored milk?

“Hey, it’s Dairy Month. Put an extra slice of cheese on my cheeseburger. The governor says it’s okay.”

Here’s an idea. When someone on the governor’s staff notices an article explaining the importance of milk production to Wisconsin’s economy, send it out on Twitter. Post it the governor’s facebook account. Have the governor mention it at the next school he visits.

But for the love of gouda, stop issuing official “Dairy Month” proclamations.

Oh, and next month, I don’t want to hear how July is “Cranberry Month” in Wisconsin, either.

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