Sunday, August 25th, 2019

If Susan Happ was a serial killer


If the Democratic candidate for state Attorney General Susan Happ was a serial killer:

Two newspapers would mention it on page 3. Dan Bice would blog about it online and get a quote from a Democrat accusing Brad Schimel of kicking puppies. One newspaper might mention it in an editorial but only after six paragraphs saying it’s wrong to stereotype serial killers. Her campaign manager would say criticizing conduct unrelated to the job is mudslinging, The Democratic Party would say holding her accountable for the dead bodies in her basement is part of a sexist war on women. Liberal bloggers will accuse conservatives of being racist because of the race (regardless of color) of the victims.


Fortunately, Susan Happ is not a serial killer. However, we learned in a report by Media Trackers  that Susan Happ is not worthy of the public’s trust.

As the Jefferson County District Attorney,  Happ was either incapable or unwilling to see the conflict of interest in a case concerning a person accused of sexually abusing his ex-wife’s younger underage sister, when Happ had an ongoing land contract with the suspect.

Happ did not refer the case to a special prosecutor, a process that’s routine for nearly every other district attorney in the state. No, despite the fact that Happ and her husband were still receiving payments from the accused, and it was to Happ’s financial benefit that the case was not resolved quickly, the case was still assigned to one of Happ’s direct reports, an assistant district attorney who also handled the Graeme Zielinski case.

The case was conveniently delayed until after all the payments in the land contract were made to Happ and her husband, and then a plea bargain deal was struck with the defendant. Instead of being charged with sexually assaulting a minor he was charged with disorderly conduct in a deferred prosecution deal.

This is not just a story that voters should just take into account when they’re voting. This isn’t just a typical attack on a candidate’s character in an election year. This is a serious ethical breach by Happ that should not only disqualify her from being elected attorney general, it should disqualify her from holding her current office.

Happ clearly lacks the ethical judgment to hold any public office, yet so far only one newspaper, the Racine Journal Times, has issued a tepid editorial criticizing her.The biggest newspaper in the state, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is more concerned about stirring the embers of a dead investigation into conservative organizations exercising their First Amendment rights than they are with a clear example of a public office holder behaving unethically for personal financial gain. I suppose nobody should be surprised at the disinterest of the state’s newspaper editorial writers after the pass Happ was given on the Zielinski case.

I’m sure, however, the state’s editorial writers will get around to criticizing Happ’s amazing lack of ethical standards. They just have to figure out a way to make an excuse for Happ, first.

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