Monday, August 19th, 2019

Improving race relations by eating tacos


The other day the idiot mayor of New Haven, CT said he was going to try to improve relations with the Latino community by having tacos for dinner. Yes, there are still dumb politicians like this. Burr Deming brings to our attention the community’s response to the mayor.

Hundreds of tacos were delivered to East Haven mayor Joseph Maturo’s office Thursday afternoon.

The delivery was courtesy of Reform Immigration for America in protest to Maturo’s statement that he “might have tacos” as way to improve relations with the city’s Latino community.

Maturo made the comment just hours after four East Haven police officers were arrested by federal agents on charges they harassed and targeted Latinos in the city.

The group launched the text a taco campaign on Wednesday. It said anytime someone texted “Taco” to 69866 it would send a taco on their behalf to Maturo’s office on Thursday.

The group said they received 2,600 texts. Shortly before 2 p.m., 500 tacos showed up at Maturo’s office, according to the group.

The tacos were donated to local soup kitchens. The mayor, Joseph Maturo, issued a half-assed apology saying that he made one mistake and that his comment was, you guessed it, “taken out of context.” Apparently the context that he’s obnoxious, possibly racist, and definitely indifferent to the concerns of a community after four police officers were arrested for harassing Hispanics, was not the context he was hoping to convey.

I do have to note one of the groups that were mentioned in the article, the “Junta for Progressive Action.” And I thought One Wisconsin Now had a fascist-sounding name.

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