Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

It’s only money


Lame-duck Menasha Mayor Joe Laux handed out $500 bonuses to 35 non-union employees just days after losing his bid for re-election.

After all, it wasn’t his money, and soon he won’t be able to play with it anymore.

The $17,500 paid out in bonuses was legal under a city policy that gives the mayor authority to issue one-time annual bonuses up to $500 to nonunion employees for “meritorious” work.

City records show the number of bonuses issued April 4 was double the number of bonuses awarded by Laux in the previous eight years.

In response to a P-C request for records of previous bonuses, City Atty. Jeff Brandt said there were 15 bonuses of $500, one of $300 and one of $200 given out between 2000 and 2006.

There were no bonuses awarded in 2007 and never more than five in one year.

Sounds like the taxpayers made the right call.

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