Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Kramer on the budget repair bill


State Representative Bill Kramer issued the following statement on the budget repair bill passed by the legislature on Wednesday:

“It has become apparent that Democrats in the Legislature have little interest in actually seeking and seizing opportunities to better position Wisconsin in the current recession, instead choosing the politics of derision and division.

Too many previous bi-partisan budgets were fiscally unsound, but this budget bailout bill is not only unsound but economically flawed and will only prolong Wisconsin’s economic recovery.

The budget bailout bill that passed tonight, that Democrats mistakenly call a stimulus, is nothing short of irresponsible, will kill commerce and jobs, and demands tribute to Madison from the very companies that working families depend on for economic security.

We saw tonight the same recklessness that has gripped Congressional Democrats as they throw money out the door, shun any modicum of oversight, and burden our fragile economy with billions of dollars in new taxes that our working families can ill-afford.”

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