Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Leftist protestor tried to silence Tea Party event


I just got off the phone with Luke Bacher. Luke is a staffer for freshman State Representative Tyler August (R) and was attending the event with his family on his day off today. Bacher was near the sound system when a man in his late 20s came over and just started yanking out wires. When Bacher attempted to put the wires back into the sound system, the man pushed Bacher back and started getting violent in his shoving as if trying to provoke a physical confrontation. Then he started pulling wires again before the police finally arrested him.

Bacher said it was like a scene out of Forrest Gump when Gump’s microphone was cut off during his speech on the mall in Washington. Because of the large crowd of people blocking visibility near the stage area, most of the Tea Party crowd in attendance never knew why the sound was cutting out abruptly. Now we know why.

Update! 2/20 6:46 Just spoke with Melvin Timm who donated his sound system for the event. Melvin said that it was actually three people involved in trying to unplug the sound system. One person was disconnecting the wires. One person was trying to videotape it. The third person was acting as a “witness” in case of any violence to claim that the Tea Party members provoked it.

However, there were too many people around, according to Timm, and they foiled the attempt. Timm also had kind words for all of the police who responded so quickly to prevent further damage to his equipment and to pull the person away. Timm said it was he who requested that the police not press charges and he was pleased that the Madison Police Department reported later that no arrests were made.

Timm also told me that he was very happy that so many volunteers were willing to stand guard near the equipment during the event and help him take his equipment out through the crowd after the event was over.

He also told me he had a few nice conversations with people on the other side and even made a new friend.

Two, possibly three, of his speakers were damaged as a result of the incident. He’ll know better when he tests the equipment after tonight’s snow storm blows over. The only compensation Timm was receiving for the event is that some people offered to help fundraise to replace the damaged equipment. Otherwise he was donating his time and the use of his equipment for free.

Update! The Daily Caller has video from the arrest scene.

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