Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Memo to Dan Bice


To: Dan Bice
From: James Wigderson
re: paintings in the Wigderson home

Dan, wanted you to be the first to know, other than family, friends, and members of the Koch conspiracy, that we changed the artwork on display in our living room earlier this year. As the Christmas season ended, my wife took down a couple of Hargrove works of art depicting winter scenes and replaced them with more contemporary art.

This does not mean we hate Hargrove, or Christmas. I am not a Scrooge (but I do have an interesting print of Scrooge we’ll be displaying next year).

We also put up a couple of original works from Paris. One is a scene outside Notre Dame in oil, and a personal favorite. I don’t know the artist’s name offhand, but perhaps you can ask the Journal Sentinel to spring for some airfare to investigate when I take it down next Christmas.

We also decided to take down our Christmas decorations outside. I know that came as a shock to the neighbors, especially when the wreath came down from the side of the house.

I’m sure your readers will be thrilled to learn that we are taking down a couple of trees on our property, too. I don’t think taking them down is symbolic of anything except the concern we have for our home’s roof and power lines, but I thought I would mention it. Perhaps someone from the Waukesha Environmental Action League will see it as symbolic of my “climate change denial.”

While I’m thinking of it, do we have permission to change our lightbulbs? I have one in the basement that needs changing.

I’m sure your investigations into the homes of public figures will be a fascinating series and a great portfolio builder to impress your next editors at the National Enquirer.

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