Monday, August 19th, 2019

Milwaukee County Board rejects wheel tax


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that the Milwaukee County Board has rejected the wheel tax. My brilliance on the subject of the wheel tax is over at the MacIver Institute’s website.

At least Dane County, as part of its consideration of a wheel tax, does not even pretend that the money is not part of the county’s general fund. Dane County is considering a $15 wheel tax that would not go to the county’s transportation needs but would provide an additional $5 million to fund services and employee compensation.

This kind of reasoning has led State Representative Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) to propose getting rid of the wheel tax as a revenue source for local governments.
“Local governments don’t use the Wheel Tax to lower other taxes and fees, as usually promised,” said Nass. “In fact, the Wheel Tax is just another way to sting families to finance more government spending,”

Which brings us back to Milwaukee County, where supervisors are considering the county budget today. At last week’s open hearing on the budget, many of the speakers in favor of the wheel tax were also there to advocate for other budget priorities than transportation. Despite the claims of the wheel tax supporters, the wheel tax is really about generating more revenue so program cuts and the outsourcing of services will not have to happen.

I’m really persuasive. Now if Dane County will just follow along…

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