Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

More lawsuits the mayor’s way


In the Waukesha Patch article concerning the hiring of a new consultant by the town of Waukesha, there was an interesting quote from city of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima.

“I don’t agree with the past history that has developed between the Town of Waukesha and the City of Waukesha,” Scrima said. “I don’t believe we are going to get very far by suing each other and taking this through the court system.”

Has somebody explained to Scrima that if the city were to try to pursue sources of water other than from Lake Michigan, there would be more lawsuits, not less? Starting with the Lathers Property, which would go from being a back up source of water to being a primary source of water, the town of Waukesha and every other community would fight to stop the city from digging the necessary wells for the city of Waukesha’s future. And unlike the current situation with a former DNR water expert acting as the town’s consultant, the city would probably face actual DNR staff trying to prevent the city from drying up surface water features of eastern Waukesha County. I honestly question the mayor’s connection to reality sometimes.

But good news. The mayor is again quoted as saying he supports the city’s application for Great Lakes water.

Scrima has frequently opposed the city’s application because he fears obtaining water from Milwaukee. However, during the June 21 Common Council meeting that he understands and respects the Common Council’s wishes to move the Great Lakes application forward.

“I support the application and the council’s decisions,” Scrima said during that meeting.

Oops. That’s right. When he said he supported the application and the council’s decisions, he didn’t really mean he supported the application and the council’s decisions.

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