Saturday, August 24th, 2019

One less occasion for Elmbrook Church to screw up traffic


In case you missed it, the US Supreme Court decided not to hear an appeal by the Elmbrook school district. The court’s decision stops the school district from holding graduations at Elmbrook Church.  Here is what I wrote at the time the lawsuit was filed against having the graduation ceremonies at the church:

I’m clearly not a big fan of these kinds of lawsuits and I hardly think the presence of someone’s religious symbol at a civic event constitutes the establishment of religion.

On the flip side, I’m surprised some parents from within the school district haven’t objected until now in having the graduation ceremony at Elmbrook. Rick told the story of the nun at the Catholic school he intended referring to the Lutheran church next door as the place where Satan does his work. If I attended a graduation ceremony at Elmbrook, I’d probably wonder how many of the church members believe the devil is at work at my son’s Catholic school.

As a practical matter I think the school districts should find an alternate location for their graduation ceremonies. I just wish that the decision had been left to the school districts and the parents.

Given that the school district has been able to find other accommodations for the graduation ceremonies, I still stand by my statement. There is no compelling need to hold graduations at the church, so why would we subject everyone who does not believe the same things as the Elmbrook Church to being forced to go there for a civic event?

I don’t like the Supreme Court decision, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t recognize that non-Evangelical Christians wishing to attend a child’s high school graduation may not want to do so within the confines of the Elmbrook Church. In this case, can we at least respect the majority of people in attendance who do not have the same religious beliefs as Elmbrook Church members?

Besides, the church already screws up traffic on Barker Road too much as it is.

(I expect the hate mail to begin in 3…2…1…)

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