Monday, August 19th, 2019

Packers Cowboys prediction


I noticed this week that very few Green Bay Packers fans were bothering to say anything to this Dallas Cowboys fan about the upcoming game. I also noticed that tickets were readily available for the game at near-face value.

Is the pessimism of Packer fans justified? Of course.

The Cowboys’ pass rush is far superior to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ pass rush, yet that previously winless team had six sacks. The Cowboys’ secondary is a much better unit than in past years, and the danger of getting burned while blitzing is small.

The Cowboys’ offense has too many weapons for the Packers to contend with. While the Packer corners are among the best in the league, the Packers defensive front cannot stop the rushing attack. If the Packers try to control the line by keeping eight in the box, Jason Witten will have a big game, and Miles Austin will likely burn the Packers deep.

Because of the poor play of the Packers’ special teams, the Cowboys’ offence is likely to be playing on a short field for much of the game. Romo + Short Field = touchdown, especially in November.

The Cowboys are the hot team right now playing together as a unit rather than a dysfunctional collection of insane asylum inmates. The Packers, on the other hand, are looking like a team that has given up and will be lucky to win against the Detroit Lions in that rematch.

There is a small possibility the Packers could win. The entire Dallas Cowboys team could be arrested by Attorney General JB Van Hollen as terrorists. The Cowboys’ team bus could get lost. Somebody could slip LSD in the Cowboys’ Gatorade. A herd of dairy cows could stampede through the stadium, trampling the Cowboys’ defense. All of these things could happen, and the Packers might have an even shot.

Because of continued homer overbetting by Green Bay Packer fans, the Cowboys are only favored by three points. This is a value bet. Take the Cowboys, give the three points, and watch at least one defensive touchdown early to put the game under control. Stay away from the over-under of 46 points. If the Cowboys get an early lead, they will be content to play ball control for much of the game.

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