Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Ridiculous. So much for law “enforcement” in the Capitol


So instead of the protestors getting ejected from the state capitol tonight in Madison, Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs has decided to let 600 of them stay. If you’re following the drama on Twitter, the only drama has been what toppings to order on the pizzas for the protestors.

The chaos inside the Capitol should never have been tolerated. I support the right to protest, but the protests have been disruptive of work getting done in the Capitol and the orderly working of Democracy. Banging drums, chanting, yelling, covering the walls with posters, and blocking stairwells is not acceptable behavior.

The police who are responsible for enforcing good behavior in the Capitol have not been doing their jobs.

The Capitol is not Animal House. It is not a flop house. It is our house – all of ours, including the majority that voted for Scott Walker for Governor last November. It is time for the protestors to go. It is time for the mob to continue their protests outside while the state continues it’s work inside.

If Police Chief Charles Tubbs is incapable of understanding his responsibilities, then he should be fired.

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