Saturday, August 17th, 2019

So this is what it takes to get fired by Scott Walker


Governor Scott Walker fired Department of Transportation official Steven Krieser after he compared illegal immigrants to Satan on Facebook. If this is what it takes, why haven’t we combed through the Facebook postings of some other Walker Administration officials that have caused Walker embarrassment?

I often hear how the immigration issue isn’t that important to Hispanics that are citizens. Perhaps it isn’t, but that’s really not the point.It doesn’t help conservatives or Republicans to pretend that hostility to any deal on immigration isn’t being perceived as a wider hostility to Hispanics in general. Comments like Kreiser’s don’t help, and Walker was correct to fire him.

There was one part of the story that was funny, even ironic. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s political gossip columnist Dan Bice:

A Journal Sentinel photographer bought the last available anti-immigration sticker at the Germantown service station on Thursday afternoon after trying unsuccessfully to talk about it with the cashier. The photographer said the cashier could not understand English well.

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