Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Spared the worst


From today’s Waukesha Freeman (Saturdays are just 75 cents!) sound-off:

City administrator
I would just like to comment once again that City Administrator Lori Luther is not doing her job. I find it amazing that the mayor, who is a full-time employee, as well as the administrator, both have to take a tour of the city. Obviously the administrator does not have enough work that she feels that she can just leave her desk. Or maybe this is a good time that our mayor be (made) a part-time position.

While the Sound-Off caller has a good point about the mayor becoming a part-time position, I would note that it is quite common for unelected rulers to survey their domains on regular peregrinations.

We should be thankful that Ms. Luther’s recent tour was less onerous on the local population than the typical circuit conducted by Queen Elizabeth I, whose tours would often cause the nobility to fake plague quarantines to spare themselves a visit by her royal entourage.

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