Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Speaking of busted


Thanks to Chris from Racine www.chrisfromracine.blogspot.com/

Anthony Weiner should get off so lightly.

The truth is out and we’ve learned Anthony Weiner covered up what should have been more covered up. We also learned that Little Tony Weiner makes a frequent appearance in communications with various brunettes that are not Big Tony’s wife. D’oh!

Good news for those who can’t resist a good double entrendre, Weiner has decided to pull on his jock strap and fight.

Despite being in very hot water, this weiner is not going to allow the controversy to consume him. While I’m sure he’s going to have some chili relations with his wife for a while, it’s good to see she’s going to stand by him like ketchup and mustard. It was a hot grilling by the media today, but he was one tough dog to chew. Yes, the whole batch of lies stink like old sauerkraut, but it’ll be up to his constituents if his buns were burned.

But from now on New Yorkers will always remember Weiner, especially when they get pornographic spam in their e-mail.

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