Saturday, August 24th, 2019

State legislative Democrats only telling part of the story when it comes to education funding


If you only read the Democratic Party’s press releases, you’d think we’re funding school choice to the detriment of the kids in the public schools. The reality, as I report at, is completely different:

The memo says the voucher amount is $7,210 for kindergarten through eighth grade, and $7,856 per pupil in high school, while the state aid per pupil in public schools is $5,108.

But those numbers cherry-pick funding sources, making the comparison not even up to apples-to-oranges standards.

Actual spending per pupil in the state’s public schools is $13,031 when all funding sources are added, including local property taxes, federal aid and additional state categorical aid. For Milwaukee Public Schools, total revenue per pupil is $14,599 for the 2014-15 school year. The funding for the state’s school choice programs comes exclusively from the state’s general purpose revenue in the state budget — meaning the voucher is the total amount of per pupil aid those schools receive from taxpayers.

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