Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Streetcar to nowhere now going less places


When you can’t even get the Obama Administration to throw money away, it’s time to reconsider the whole project. The Department of Transportation rejected Milwaukee’s plan to expand the operation of the proposed streetcar to the convention center.

The additional federal money would have expanded the planned $64.6 million, 2.1-mile downtown streetcar system that the city plans to begin building next year.

The grant application included plans for a new, $19 million leg running on North Fourth Street between West Wisconsin and West St. Paul avenues between the Milwaukee Intermodal Station and the Wisconsin Center. It also would let the city buy additional streetcar vehicles, a better maintenance building for them or better amenities at passenger stops.

The Business Journal is also reporting that former streetcar backer Michael Cudahy is against the plan, and that was before the news of the rejected grant application. He told the Business Journal, ““Nobody will ride it because it doesn’t go anywhere.” He also objected to the cost of moving utility infrastructure on Broadway.

The current map for the streetcar is already covered by existing Milwaukee County bus routes.

You can forget about the non-solid lines. The feds ain’t buyin’ it.


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