Saturday, August 24th, 2019

According to the preliminary results from Tuesday’s special Republican primary election in the 99th district, Delafield town board member Cindi Duchow defeated Dave Westlake. Clearly the last-minute hit on Westlake hurt, but Duchow was hit in the closing days, too. Duchow had, as of the last campaign finance report, sunk in more of her own money that […]

I hate these stories. Dan “I don’t do policy” Bice reported on Saturday in a well-timed hit that state assembly candidate Dave Westlake once filed for bankruptcy and his home foreclosed upon. Bice loves these stories, of course. I think they’re disgusting cheap shots. “I’ve been open about my bankruptcy, which resulted in us losing […]

Governor Scott Walker’s office just issued the following release:   Governor Scott Walker Announces Special Election for 99th Assembly District  Madison – Governor Scott Walker today announced a special election for the 99th Assembly District.  The following is a timeline for the special election: July 29, 2015 – Circulation of Nomination Papers Begins August 4, […]

Dawn “Crazynurse” Caruss announced her candidacy for the 97th Assembly in a press release issued Wednesday, confirming what was reported here a week ago. Democrats in the district will be happy to learn that she did not use the e-mail address crazynurse(at) on the press release. “She sees the core issues of her campaign focused […]