Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Waukesha Freeman Thursday, 08/25/2016 Pag.A06 Opinion Great Lakes Cities Initiative all wet Should worry about Chicago instead The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative is all wet. The organization is asking the Great Lakes governors to reconsider their unanimous decision to approve the city of Waukesha’s application for a diversion of Lake Michigan water. […]

Waukesha Freeman Page 5A Opinion 8/20/2015 All wet Claims of diversion opponents don’t hold water I’m amazed by the “say anything” position taken by environmental groups against the city of Waukesha’s application to divert Lake Michigan water for our use. Listening to them, you would think Waukesha was coming like a thief in the night […]

The town of Waukesha board decided against being included in the water service area with the city of Waukesha. That means when the city of Waukesha gets the approval to divert water from Lake Michigan, the town of Waukesha will be effectively shot off from the city water supply forever. No residents or businesses can […]

A unanimous decision by the state Supreme Court reminds us of the importance of the city of Waukesha’s application to divert Lake Michigan water and then return the water to the lake. The environmentalist group Clean Wisconsin says of the ruling in a press release, A unanimous Wisconsin Supreme Court decision released this morning upholds […]

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:2011 May 05; Section:Opinion; Page Number: 8A Mayor should present water alternative or get out of the way Last week the city handed in its homework for the Department of Natural Resources explaining why the city will need to divert Lake Michigan water. The answers were really quite the same as […]

Yet another article today reminding us that the water underneath us will not last forever. The study by the U.S. Geological Survey, released earlier this week, is a pilot for the next federal Water Census, a comprehensive evaluation of water resources in the country not completed since 1978. The study, in particular, focused on the southern half […]

Jim Rowen does another blog post about the Waukesha water situation without anything new for information, but one of the comments is worth reading. It’s a letter from Mukwanago to the City of Waukesha reminding the city that if it has any plans to drill wells instead of getting Lake Michigan water, the smaller communities […]

Waukesha’s water application has been put on hold by the DNR while the mayor pursues unicorns and mermaids. Good thing there was an 18-month cushion built into the plan. State Department of Natural Resources Secretary Matthew Frank told Mayor Jeff Scrima Wednesday in a letter that the department will not begin reviewing Waukesha’s application for […]

I received the following e-mail forwarded to me by Dan Groth, a resident of Waukesha and a supporter of Mayor Jeff Scrima. The e-mail is from Alderman Peggy Bull, and is in response to a pair of e-mails by Dan Groth that I have made available online as a Google Document webpage. I have removed […]

Waukesha voters have five choices in tomorrow’s primary election for mayor. The incumbent, Larry Nelson, I dealt with at length in my newspaper column. Since the column appeared, Nelson has taken the unique approach of appealing to the Waukesha electorate by mentioning praise from Democratic State Senator Mark Miller, who represents the Madison suburbs, for […]