Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Bruce Murphy over at the Urban Milwaukee website is already predicting Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan will not defeat Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the 2016 spring election. Why can’t Donovan win a race for mayor? Let us count the reasons. For starters, no alderman has won a campaign for mayor since the election of 1910, […]

Opponents of school choice in Milwaukee complain the program is taking money away from public schools to educate ex-public school students. In an interesting op-ed for, George Mitchell points to the real funding gap. When Governor Doyle was elected in 2002, taxpayer support for schools in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) was $5,783 […]

Just before Thanksgiving, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson appointed Senator Jennifer Shilling (D–La Crosse) and Senator Bob Wirch (D–Somers) to serve on the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC). This powerful committee is at the heart of the state budget process and is a coveted appointment. Wirch was the likely Democrat who promised to vote […]

State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) has suddenly become a stickler for election rules. Good to see she has finally developed a healthy appreciation for election laws. Maybe she can do something about politicians who feel they are so above the law that when they’re on the ballot they actually talk to voters in line at […]

Normally I’m the first to complain when a legislator no longer resides in their district. I think that it’s important that for someone to serve in elective office that they actually live among their constituents who voted for them. So when Congressman Reid Ribble moved “outside his district” to his longtime home, I took note. […]

I know a number of people on both sides are not going to quite believe Russ Feingold when he says he is also ruling out running for governor next year if a recall of Governor Scott Walker is on the ballot. I admit I was skeptical at first, too. But in all of the criticism […]

As we all know by now, highly-paid political campaign professionals in charge of a campaign’s communications never make a mistake when linking to a video on the internet. And certainly not two highly-paid, important, campaign professionals, especially when dealing with an important issue. After all, according to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, if two campaign staffers […]

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I forgot to include these predictions with my other list: Milwaukee County Executive County Executive Scott Walker will defeat State Senator Lena Taylor. The campaign was successfully framed about taxes, and buses and parks hardly stir the masses. Taylor should have focused on the pension scandal, but that would require her to know something about […]

(Ht: Jay Weber)It takes an impressive effort to be that dumb and still be able to dress yourself in the morning, let alone get elected to public office. Did the Democrats ask Scott Walker to pick his own opponent, or what? Print this entry