Saturday, July 20th, 2019

My latest piece for is about OnMilwaukee Editor/Publisher Andy Tarnoff and his belief in prison rape as an appropriate criminal punishment (subscription required). …the editor/publisher’s rape rant went largely unnoticed by the media and Milwaukee’s leftwing establishment. There were no Code Pink or Occupy Milwaukee protests at Tarnoff’s office. One Wisconsin Now was […]

OnMilwaukee’s editor publisher Andy Tarnoff and I had a sharp disagreement over his suggestion that the Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be repeatedly raped in prison as a punishment. Milwaukee Magazine asked for a quote about the argument for a blog post. “Just as the first amendment allows an entertainment website editor to make a jackass […]

Andy Tarnoff does not like to be questioned. On Twitter, he actually called for the repeated rape of terror suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as punishment for his crimes. The apparently medieval Tarnoff took offense when I dared to question him. .@michaeljmathias Yes, I think child-killing mass murderer terrorists should be repeatedly raped, although that’s a little […] did a feature on INdustri Café and their new chef, “Dan Morales.” However, Waukesha’s George Wang points out that “Dan Morales” is known by a different name in Waukesha, “Chef Tony,” aka Ramon Antonio Mitre Hernandez. Things that INdustri Café can look forward to: sexual assault, fighting in the street, domestic violence, and mismanagement. […]

OnMilwaukee.Com posted a list of favorite Chinese restaurants in time for Christmas Day in case hungry dogs attacked your turkey. I understand it’s a Milwaukee list and that’s why Golden Gate was ignored. (Actually, I don’t understand it but I’m playing along as best as I can.) But will someone please tell me why Long […]