Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Oh, good, we just finished paying our taxes, and now it’s likely the city is going to ask for more: The City of Waukesha Assessor’s Office will be sending out assessment notices on April 21, 2017. We DID reassess all properties, so all property owners will receive an assessment notice. The Assessor’s Office will be […]

October 24, 2013 Act 10 is Working with Bipartisan Support by James Wigderson Special Guest Perspective for the MacIver Institute Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas must not have gotten the memo. Act 10, the signature accomplishment of Governor Scott Walker’s Administration, is not only working, but it has become bipartisan, too. Colas banged the […]

The Sullivan report on Wisconsin’s workforce development was released last week to general praise. However, the report suggests a shift in in Wisconsin’s tax structure away from property and income taxes to the sales tax. Even if the idea was politically feasible, such a tax shift proposal ignores Wisconsin’s sales tax history, as I explain […]

City of Waukesha residents, it could be worse. You could be living in Franklin where they did pass a garbage fee last year. Kevin Fischer is going through the top ten news stories in Franklin and delved into the taxes and fees of Franklin. Hey, Franklin taxpayer, did you notice anything different on your property […]

The real outrage outrage about Senator Ron Johnson’s new home in Washington DC is that he gets a better deal there on property taxes than he would here. Fred Dooley has the details. Print this entry

Congratulations Wisconsin, you made another bottom ten list. This time, Wisconsin is on the list of the ten worst states for retirement. My first reaction was that I didn’t know states could retire. If anything, I would have thought Massachusetts would have retired first. But it turns out they meant that, if you have a […]

Governor Chris Christie continues to show real results in New Jersey. You can almost hear all the liberals in New Jersey screaming after the announcement by Christie concerning the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). The Roxbury Register reported on Christie’s appearance in Roxbury to talk about the effort to get rid of COAH: “I said […]

Somebody will have to let me know if it’s okay for a writer covering an event to help himself to the free doughnuts. I spent Saturday morning listening to Tom Beebe of the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools describe a “crisis” in education funding in the state and suggest, purely as a band-aid measure, raising […]

The likely final version of the state’s global warming bill is now out. The MacIver News Service has the story behind the latest version and also links to the legislative summary. Unchanged, among other things, is the provision in the bill which would allow local government units to raise property taxes through the roof, a […]

A Hartland couple is busted trying to find some organic tax relief: Adam Sellers told investigators he planted the marijuana in June after being approached by his friend. Adam Sellers estimated that the crop was worth $15,000, according to the complaint. Michelle and Adam Sellers told investigators that Michelle Sellers had asked Adam Sellers to […]