Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Hotline listed the thirty House seats most likely to flip control and Wisconsin’s sixth congressional district is not on the list. It didn’t even rate as an honorable mention. So much for Democratic hopes that Glenn Grothman would be too controversial for the district. The seats held by Sean Duffy and Reid Ribble don’t make the […]

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball report projects small gains for Republicans in the House of Representatives next year. At this very early point in the 2014 race for the U.S. House, small Republican gains — as in, less than five seats — look likelier than a similarly small gain for Democrats. That’s because the Republican targets […]

Each year I make a list of predictions, and each year we examine where I went wrong. Unfortunately the end of the Mayan calendar did not mean the end of the world, so we have 50 predictions to sort through. It might be easier to don the sackcloth and walk barefoot through Canterbury while being […]

Okay, more predictions. House of Representatives Quick! Name Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s opponent! That’s what I thought. Sensenbrenner won’t even have to spend the spare change in his pocket to win re-election this year. Congressman Tom Petri will still be able to build more bicycle paths (if congress lets him). Congressman Reid Ribble’s opponent Jamie Wall […]

Dan Bice, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s political gossip columnist, reported tonight on nearly $60,000 in campaign contributions received by Senate candidate Congressman Tammy Baldwin from a pro-Iranian group. U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin – who was against Iranian sanctions before she was for them – has received nearly $60,000 for her Senate bid from a group […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Aug 30, 2012; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A     Cheeseheads rule Badger State dominates GOP convention      At the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker received a roar of applause when he cast Wisconsin Republican delegates’ votes for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. It was another reminder that when the protesters […]

Rachel Weiner, writing for The Fix at the Washington Post, lays out the possible field of candidates if Senator Herb Kohl decides to retire. Rep. Paul Ryan (R) has been discussed as a potential Senate candidate almost since he came to Congress from the swing 1st district in 1998. But, Ryan now sits on a plum […]

Randy Melchert is keeping track of efforts to recall Democratic State Senators, complete with links to petitions and ways to donate. Looking at the map, I have to think Wirch, Hansen and Holperin are in serious trouble. By the way, wouldn’t it be funny if State Senator Julie Lassa was recalled? That deal to run […]

What were the events that shaped Waukesha and Wisconsin in 2010?  This is my list of the top ten events that occurred in 2010 in Waukesha and in Wisconsin.  Ten each.  A-dime a-piece. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Waukesha: The approval of Waukesha’s water application by the Waukesha Common Council The election of […]

Congressman-elect Sean Duffy flew out to Washington D.C. today for freshman orientation. Also on the flight was current Congressman David Obey. Duffy reports Obey probably didn’t see his successor since Obey was in first class while Duffy was in coach. Duffy doesn’t report if Obey was playing the “chased out of office” blues on his […]