Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

After over a month, the downtown task force formed by Mayor Jeff Scrima and approved by the Common Council is going to have it’s second meeting. Included in the agenda items is yet another attempt by the mayor to strike at Vicky Hekkers and her husband Tom. Of course, trying to change the zoning rules […]

The downtown task force met Wednesday night without much of the drama promised by a few businesses on Facebook. By the end of the evening it was clear that nobody is out to destroy Freeman Friday Night Live (FFNL), Kerry Mackay of the Steaming Cup thinks the parking spots in front of his place are […]

Earlier this month the Waukesha Common Council made the mistake of approving the mayor’s task force to address several issues of concern downtown. the committee is off to a terrible start already with the first meeting’s agenda. The task force was formed to address issues concerning “downtown events such as the consumption of alcohol in […]

I noticed last night that we need to get the bartender at D Mo’s a “Getting Wiggy With It” coffee mug to go with his WackySha coffee mug. Last night the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha and I took a little trip to downtown Waukesha where the nightlife is getting better all the time. The Lonely […]

I’ll post some photos later, but congratulations to Waukesha’s Cub Scout Pack 9 from the Hadfield School. Once again the Christmas Parade float finished second in the Community Groups category. (We won first too many years in a row and got bumped up to competing with adults.) The float this year was “Santa’s Pinewood Derby […]

It was near-perfect weather for a parade in Waukesha, and the crowds were out in force for the annual Waukesha Christmas Parade. Congratulations to the Potawatomi Council Cub Scouts Pack 9 from Hadfield school in Waukesha for winning 2nd place in the Community Groups category. After winning in the “youth group” category the last two […]

Just bumped into Victoria Hekkers, former Waukesha BID president, in the parking lot at the Pick N Save grocery on Sunset Ave.  She was heading in to buy something to grill outside today.   Nice day for it.  Print this entry