Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

In my first piece for I tell the story of Destinations Career Academy, the first online charter school in Wisconsin that is focused on career and technical education. Nicholaus Sutherland, the head of school at Destinations Career Academy, described the school as, “a comprehensive high school online program that will yield a diploma but will […]

As I sit here tapping out this blog post, my son is about six feet away working on his biology homework after just watching his biology lecture. Over at RightWisconsin, I explain why my son became a virtual school student and how I became a school choice parent. When my son was in elementary school, […]

It’s nice to see my latest column for RightWisconsin getting some positive attention since it’s so personal to me. In the column I explain a little bit about virtual schools, why it is not homeschooling, and why school choice is so important for parents. It’s school choice week, and every parent’s choice of school for their […]

My latest piece over at the MacIver Institute is our personal experience with finding the right fit for my son’s education. My son Will is having the best year in school he has ever had, because he is attending an online charter public school. It’s not for every student or every parent, but it works […]

My son is attending a virtual school this year. He told me today how he and his fellow students in his reading class hung around online after class getting to know each other. He told me how the other kids all came from different backgrounds and different types of schools. Some of them came from […]

I received a nice phone call today thanking me for my latest article for the MacIver Institute on virtual schools and their benefits. There are many advantages to an online school versus a traditional school. The flexible schedule allows students to work at their own pace to master a subject. If a student has a […]

State Representative André Jacque is a co-sponsor of a bill that would lift the enrollment cap for the state’s virtual charter schools. He had hoped that the legislature would vote on the bill in July, eliminating the need for the Department of Public Instruction to administer a waiting list. On Memorial Day, Jacque e-mailed me […]

This is the beginning of school choice week. One of the choices in Wisconsin is public charter online education, or virtual schools. Unfortunately, despite the documented success of the virtual schools, the Jim Doyle-imposed enrollment cap is still in place. The open enrollment period is in February. It would be nice if all of the […]

Oh, you mean those charter schools. The MacIver Institute reports today the state of Wisconsin may have submitted a false application for the Race to the Top funding. Page 240 of Wisconsin’s recently-rejected application begins with this sentence: There is no limit in State law or regulation concerning the number of charter schools that can be […]

Candidate for school board Steve Edlund is a siamese twin to controversy. After years of activism in the city and countless open records requests, Edlund is running for office himself. If he wins, there will be a race to see who can hit him with a legitimate open records request first. Because (unlike his opponents) […]