Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

In a recap of different op-ed pieces, The Cap Times says a column I wrote about former Senator Russ Feingold is “snarky.” Let me repeat for those of you missing the point: The Cap Times is saying something I wrote is “snarky.” I would remind them of the cliché of the pot and the kettle […]

I received an email from Steve Rortvedt today: “You really should be ashamed of yourself for being a Cowboys fan.”   Dear Mr. Rortvedt: Thank you for your opinion. Let me assure you, I have a lot more causing me shame than my status as a Dallas Cowboys fan. I have been known to blog in […]

Sometimes when you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Kevin Welch, you’re wrong. The following letter to the editor appeared in Friday’s Waukesha Freeman: The real Scott Walker To the editor: Mr. Wigderson lives in a dream world when it comes to Scott Walker. Walker’s budget was not lower than Jim Doyle’s; it was higher. As far as […]

I’m criticized in a letter to the editor in Thursday’s Waukesha Freeman for criticizing Patton. No, not this guy: This guy: Our friends at SOPHIA have leapt to Alderman Roger Patton’s defense from a perceived slight: Wigderson’s attack on Alderman Patton highly offensive To the editor: In response to James Wigderson’s Dec. 4 column, we […]

In response to this blog post regarding this posting at RightWisconsin, I received the following email from “John Scott,” verbatim: It seems if you can refer to the “morons in Madison”  I can refer to you as “that fat slob in Waukesha”? Keep up the good workof reinforcing my view of you as a hypocrite […]

So upon learning Graeme Zielinski was working for the Democratic governor of Illinois in his failed re-election campaign, I asked the obvious question: Who looked at Graeme Zielinski and said, "This is the kind of person we want working on our campaign." — james wigderson (@jwigderson) November 17, 2014 Prompting this response from Zielinski: […]

This came in the afternoon mail today: At least they spelled my name correctly. But who still uses a typewriter? Moreover, sir, which indeed is not under white and black, this plaintiff here, the offender, did call me ass: I beseech you, let it be remembered in his punishment. – Much Ado About Nothing, Act V, […]

Yeah, well, you knew it was too quiet. The Sound Offs in the Waukesha Freeman attacking me are real winners. Just when I think I wrote a really good column, too. WMH, Freeman columnists I am calling to personally thank those fabulous senior citizens that volunteer their time at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. I cannot say […]

The Big Meanie edition: I think Scrima should go to Monday’s debate in a cheerleading outfit waving pom poms. Whenever someone asks him a tough question or criticizes him, Scrima can just respond, “We got spirit yes we do! We got spirit! How about you? We got more! WE got more! WE GOT MORE! YAY!” […]

Over at Blogging Blue, Steve Carlton has a complaint about my Waukesha Freeman column on the state health care debate. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that it costs the federal government $3,000.00 more per recipient to subsidize a private plan than have someone on a public plan like Badgercare, $9,000.00 versus $6,000.00. Walker’s plan […]