Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The Lord of the Flies at MPS


Rob Koebel at WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee does an i-Team investigation of a chaotic school bus and one mother’s frustration with how her daughter and other children are regularly the victims of violence.

“She has come home with sores and bumps and even scars up under her neck from certain things being hit on her”, Ms Edwards tells the I-Team Investigators.

The mom says she has begged the school to do something but is only told she needs to get the girl new glasses.

Ms. Edwards says, “I already went through two pairs and this other pair I am extremely afraid to send her to school with them”.

So we decide to take a look at bus number 83 for ourselves.

We find the little girl’s bus loaded up and ready to roll. We are too with our video camera pointed at the windows at the back of the bus.

Ms. Edwards says, “My main concern is for her to go to school and learn and be safe”.

As the bus pulls away we follow it. Watching and waiting to see what happens. Back at home the girl’s mother is fighting back tears she says she can’t believe her daughter has to go through this every day.

Edwards adds, “She continues to get hurt. Why? That hurts as a parent”.

It only takes a matter of minutes before our camera catches a glimpse of what is happening inside the girl’s bus. Kids are standing up and can clearly be seen horsing around as the bus drives down the road. Edwards says the chaos happens every day. She sees it when her daughter is dropped off.

“When the bus arrives kids are scattered everywhere jumping around and doing whatever they want to do and I am like someone needs to be on the bus with kids to tell them to sit down you need to be seated”, said Edwards.

But that’s just the beginning. While our camera is rolling we see a whole lot more: fists are flying, we witness what appears to be a child being beaten up right on the bus.Mile after mile we see kids out of control. Shoes flying, little children pushed and shoved in the aisles, a back pack tossed around, children running around, out of their seats for the entire ride.

“It should have been nipped in the butt a long time ago and it’s not”, Edwards said.

Then we try another day. Again bus 83. At first glance – the kids are all seated. A good sign. But just moments later – a mob of kid’s breaks loose, chaos erupting this time, too. Running in the aisles, hands and feet flying everywhere and once again more punching.

Remember, because of the deadlines Edwards can’t even pull her child out of MPS until next year, and that’s if she made the decision during the three month enrollment period. MPS is not only failing to educate kids, but they’re not even meeting the basic requirement of keeping this child (and the other children on the bus) safe from physical attack.

However, I do have another concern. When Koebel and his camera crew are capturing the violence and the chaos on the bus on video, why aren’t they calling the police? Or if a child gets seriously hurt, would that make good television?

(Thks: Althouse)

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