Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s election endorsement contortions


Last year Mike Mathias at Pundit Nation raised what I thought was a fair point about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asking (in a not-so-nice way) the Linda Clifford campaign to stop mentioning their endorsement of her in their robocalls.

Really, if the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is going to continue the silly practice of endorsing candidates, then they shouldn’t get upset at how the endorsement is used.

This year the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel seemed to listen to Mathias and did not ask the Coalition for America’s Families to stop citing them in their robocalls for Mike Gableman. Mike asked the editor a few pointed questions and received a reply. Basically the editor told Mike they liked the CFAF robocalls better because they didn’t disturb the sleep of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s switchboard operators.

I’d like to think it was really because they realized how stupid they looked last year when they complained and then covered their own complaint right before the election. But that’s the optimist in me.

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