Monday, August 19th, 2019

The return of Barrett’s evil twin


Who knows what they’re really up to at UW-Madison’s stem cell research center? I think they made an evil clone of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

This is what Barrett’s political people released for a statement yesterday,

“A year ago, Scott Walker ‘dropped the bomb’ on the people of Wisconsin by unleashing an
extreme, divisive agenda that he never discussed during the campaign.

As a result of his deception, hundreds of thousands of everyday Wisconsinites from all walks of
life are exercising their constitutional right to hold Scott Walker accountable for his dishonesty.

I stand with the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Wisconsin citizens who have had enough of
Walker’s cynical politics that try to divide and deceive. It’s time for a new direction that will heal
our fractured state and move Wisconsin forward again.”

This can’t be the same Barrett that said during an interview with Charlie Sykes on WTMJ-AM that the Republicans should just sever the collective bargaining issue from the budget correction bill. The statement can’t be from the same mayor who complained that Act 10 did not include police and firefighters and their “Cadillac” benefits. It certainly can’t be from the same mayor who used the provisions of Act 10 to save at least $25 million per year from the employee health benefit savings. I’ve asked the question before. Does Tom Barrett have an evil twin? Are there two Tom Barretts? Or does he just have two faces?

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