Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

They really hate you


Brian Fraley found yet another left-wing Democrat that hates you, State Representative Fred “The Red” Kessler:

“I was extremely disappointed with the result of the election of the Supreme Court yesterday. It appears that special interests again were able to determine the outcome and focus the campaign on issues that had been distorted. Political campaigns for the Supreme Court appear now to not be run on the merits but instead at the behest of special interests with hidden agendas.”

I think the “hidden agenda” of the majority of the voters was a desire for the rule of law rather than the rule of an unaccountable state supreme court inventing the law.

The Constitutional Amendment provides that the Governor would appoint Supreme Court Justices, subject to a 10-year term with confirmation by the State Senate and automatic reappointment unless 21 Senators vote not to confirm.

Because state senators never have any hidden agendas, and the public is never to be trusted with holding public officials accountable at the ballot box.

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