Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

This is not a good sign for Bob Wirch


No, not the guy who was briefly a member of Fleetwood Mac. We’re talking about State Senator Bob Wirch of Kenosha who is facing a possible recall. Looks like organizers had a pretty good turnout tonight.

Hundreds attend Recall Wirch meeting (Gateway Pundit)

From WXOW:

Hundreds of people turned out in Kenosha, demanding the recall of State Senator Robert Wirch.

He’s one of the 14 democratic senators who went to Illinois to prevent a vote on the governor’s plan.

People in the crowd say Wirch is not representing them like he should.

“It’s strictly about the fact that he’s in Illinois right now; it has nothing to do with the bill, and certainly, it’s bipartisan. It’s both Republican and Democrat,” says Dan Hunt, recall organizer.

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