Monday, August 19th, 2019

Tommy’s big announcement today


Sean at the American Mind describes the crowd reaction as somewhat subdued. Jib has some comments up over at the Badger Blog Alliance. Brian Fraley has an e-mail from the great terrorist hunter JB Van Hollen (no, that joke never gets old) supporting Thompson. Fraley also has a little bit of the importance of picking Messmer High School for the announcement site and a great picture of the crowd. I should also note Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker was there, and sent this note yesterday with an invitation to join him:

Tommy would make a great President. He was one of the longest serving Governors with one of the best track records – gaining national acclaim on school choice, welfare reform, and healthcare. Plus, he actually knows how to use a line-item veto.

He built on that success by then heading up the largest department in the federal government. Tommy was a great Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Now, he is doing very well in the private sector. Still, he has the call to public service.

2008 will be the first time since 1928 that a President or Vice President is not running for the highest office in the country. The race is wide open and the first caucuses are in Iowa where a down-to-earth candidate with a good grasp of Midwestern issues and a strong sense of retail politics could be a real surprise. Sound like anyone we know?

I understand there was quite an introduction speech:

Good morning, Campers!
I’m your Brother Ernie,
And I welcome you to Tommy’s Holiday Camp!
The camp with a difference, never mind the weather,
When you come to Tommy’s, the holiday’s forever!
Get your Tommy T-shirts, and your stickers,
And your Tommy mirrors to smash!
Don’t rush, keep steady,
Have your money ready!
Buy your way to heaven,
That comes to one pound seven.
Bless your heart! (ka-ching!)
Eyeshades and earplugs,
Keep in line, I’ve got a huge supply!
Get your Tommy records,
You can really hear him talk!
Tommy pics and matches,
half a knicker for the cork.
You lucky people!
The camp with a difference, never mind the weather,
When you come to Tommy’s, the holiday’s forever!
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