Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20


  • Had a nice chat with @darrylenriquez yesterday. Forgot to ask him if he has his pajamas for blogging yet. #
  • My 8-yr-old sounds like Keith Richards. I’m hoping chicken soup helps. #
  • My daughter: “I don’t have this game. I’m going to put it on my brother’s Christmas list.” #
  • rt @WisconsinForum Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year… (via @Drudge_Report) #tcot #
  • rt @Heritage new Foundry post: School Safety and School Choice #tcot #
  • I had a good day Saturday. I caught 5 frogs. How many did you catch? #
  • “Margaritas on tap” is not a special. It’s a horror story. #
  • rt @seanhackbarth @Senate_GOPs Sen. Johanns (R-NE) speaking on floor now about amendment to strip all ACORN funding from appropriations bill #
  • Is it wrong to steal your four-year-old daughter’s toast at breakfast and blame the other kid? Just checking. #
  • When a cow laughs, does milk come out of her nose? #
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