Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01


  • My lunch today at @AJBombers saved or created 1,000,000 jobs. From the peanut picker to MMSD and everyone in between. (Good sandwich, too.) #
  • This would just ruin my bus ride to work. It would interrupt my nap. #
  • So how long should Barbara Lawton be suspended for false charge of racism and insulting Green Bay? #
  • BTW, I'm beautiful, too. #
  • rt @CandidCarrie I am so beautiful I can't stop looking at me! and I blame @jwigderson because @AmyKant did him too #
  • Going to lunch at @AJBombers for the 1st time tomorrow. What should I have? #
  • If everyone would just stick to 120 characters on Twitter, it would make re-tweeting and my life easier. #
  • rt @NickSchweitzer Congratulations to Rep Jeff Woods for being Jay Leno's Politician of the Week for getting his 3rd DUI in 10 months. #
  • I better be careful. I don't want to be banned from #SeanPAC10. #
  • I'd boycott to show my affection for unions, but I would have to be a subscriber first. #
  • My daughter just said to me, "Sometimes I listen to you." She's 4. How old does she have to be for convent school? #
  • rt @TheOnion In Focus: Scientology Losing Ground To New Fictionology #
  • Well, that was quick. Jerry Bader retracts the story about Lawton. Will Lawton sue? #
  • Lawton denies rumor about affairs, threatens legal "pressure". Will @NewsradioWTAQ and Jerry Bader stand by the story? #
  • rt @melchert "State Sen. Jim Sullivan (D-Wauwatosa) traveled Saturday to La Crosse to campaign for Lawton." #
  • rt @darrylenriquez Passing along news that I've pulled papers to run for Waukesha mayor in the April 6 election. #
  • RT @cqpolitics Political Wire: Hoffman Takes the Lead? #
  • Maybe Ed Garvey can talk Lawton back into the race. Anybody have his phone number? Or is he going to run now? #
  • You don't understand. As a writer I loved the idea of Barbara Lawton running for governor. So much good material I will never be able to use #
  • What possible personal reason could Lawton have this week for not running for governor that she didn't have last week? #
  • This just in. I am not running for governor, either. #
  • State Rep Jeff Wood has no plans to resign. They're ging to have to force him out. #
  • My daughter just asked if Santa Claus will do anything on Halloween. #
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