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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30: It's… #
  • Is it a little early to be adding the rum to my coffee? #
  • New blog post: Super Bowl thoughts: “I could spend the morning curing diabetes and I’ll remember it as the secon… #
  • rt @timpawlenty On President Reagan's 100th birthday, we're proud to celebrate his life. Video: in reply to timpawlenty #
  • #SuperBowl thoughts: #
  • New blog post: Reagan at 100: Today is the 100th Anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s birth.  Over on the ri… #
  • #Reagan at 100: #
  • Oh, good. More snow. #
  • My son was just reminded he is not old enough to have an opinion. #
  • Seriously? Just got a Joe the Plumber promo e-mail. The #SuperBowl is on. Give it a rest, will ya? #
  • Somewhere Axl Rose is contacting his lawyers. #SuperBowl #
  • I miss Pete Townshend. #SuperBowl #
  • I think Roethlisberger had time to wind his watch back there. #Superbowl #
  • You could hear the entire city of Waukesha yell when the Packers won the #SuperBowl It was amazing. #Packers #
  • QVC was already selling #Packers #SuperBowl Champion mini teddy bears for $20, and people were buying them. #
  • Hey, TV news: Less bar scenes and more player interviews, please. #Packers #SuperBowl #
  • Seriously? WTMJ is hawking #Packers #SuperBowl gear. #
  • Roger Staubach looked good at the trophy presentation. Looked ready to play. Wife said Staubach didn't want to give trophy up. #superbowl #
  • BTW, Whitney Houston has permanently ruined the Star Spangled Banner. Everyone wants to sing it like her. It was the time. #Superbowl #
  • Waukesha Tattoo Company extending #Packers special to end of February. My wife gets a #Packers tattoo, I'm getting a #Cowboys tattoo. #
  • Ah well, back to politics. #
  • I wonder how many #superbowl #Packers references I can squeeze into my next column? #
  • New blog post: And people think I politicize football too much: For people who think I politicize the Green Bay … #
  • A little Gabriel Fauré to help the writing process. #
  • Democrats defect: Conservative Democrats switch to GOP across the South – #
  • New blog post: Chris Abele has Terrence Wall disease: Dan Bice reports
    Chris Abele has paid no state income tax… #
  • rt @HispanicChoice Lee Holloway, Starring as Godzilla | too bad he is not in Tokyo in reply to HispanicChoice #
  • New blog post: No royal invitation yet: It’s unseemly to beg for a wedding invitation.
    Michelle Obama says that … #
  • New blog post: Didn’t Alan Rickman play Chris Abele in the movie?: I’m sure Abele’s die-hard supporters are hopi… #
  • rt @smencimer People yelling "WHere's bin laden at?" at Rumsfeld. "Show us the shekels?" #cpac11 | oh good.The anti-Semitic libertarians in reply to smencimer #
  • New blog post: Nice to see the libertarians misbehaving again: Apparently the organizers of CPAC need to set a m… #
  • New blog post: Old battle, new complaint, same result: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Feb 10, 201… #
  • Cong Sen Duffy: Use Unspent Stimulus to Reduce Deficit – By Katrina Trinko – The Corner – National Review Online #
  • New blog post: Race to the left side of bottom: In a rather pathetic attempt to curry favor with the radical lef… #
  • New blog post: Let’s beat the rush and just build a giant straw now: Yet another article today reminding us that… #
  • New blog post: Sarah Millard is looking for true love: And she’s also looking for bad date stories over at Wauke… #
  • RT @SteveMartinToGo: Free download of bluegrass King Tut from my new album!: #
  • New blog post: Steve Martin offering free download of bluegrass version of King Tut: For those of you who never … #
  • I think my wife is really sick. She told me to let the dog out (fine) because it's almost 6:00 anyway. Um, dear, it's Saturday. #
  • Those posting in Wisconsin "Egypt did it, so can we" is that the Second Amendment solution you've been making fun of? #
  • New blog post: What do they think of us?: #
  • I tell my kids they better behave or the next meal will come from the Michelle Obama-approved menu. #
  • Since I'm from Waukesha, when I call my elected officials to support the governor, can I just say, "ditto"? #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: You’d be amazed how much government you’ll never miss. – Indiana Governor Mitch… #
  • New blog post: Gee, I wonder which senator that could be?: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, addressing CPAC, ment… #
  • I've been avoiding it this morning, but it's time to read the newspaper. #
  • New blog post: Can I get fries with her?: “This is the city. Waukesha, Wisconsin. I live here… I’m glad I’m not … #
  • New blog post: Pete: I’ve known for a few days that Pete Kennedy is ending his column for the Waukesha Freeman. … #
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