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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-29: New blog post: By request: # New blog… #
  • Kloppenburg concede yet? #wiunion #
  • Called the haz mat team to change my CFL light bulb. Couldn't get here, so I sent the boy in instead. #
  • New blog post: Television so good they oughtta sell commercials: Watch the full episode. See more Austin City Limits. #
  • Check this video out — Atheists Don't Have No Songs-Steve Martin With The Steep Canyon Rangers #
  • Just had a nice conversation w/ State Rep Andre Jacque regarding virtual charter schools. Hopes bill to lift caps will be on floor by July. #
  • New blog post: Irrational concealed carry opponents: Liberal writer Jim Rowen offers a blog post that I think is… #
  • New blog post: Gun-free zones: Owen Robinson found a map of the “gun-free” zones in Milwaukee. These are not zon… #
  • New blog post: This deserves wider mention: For all of the attention that the national Club for Growth* got for … #
  • Get big and green. "I'm big in Waukesha" Green T-Shirt : Wigderson Library & Pub Gift Shop #
  • For the romantic at heart. Getting Wiggy Boxer Shorts > Wigderson Library & Pub Gift Shop #
  • New blog post: Remember: Title: EXECUTIVE ORDER # 32 – U.S., Wisconsin Flags at Half-Staff in Observance of Memo… #
  • Happy b-day Kelin Olson. Everyone slip & fall today to make his day! #
  • New blog post: Is this not America?: Attention General Electric, Whirlpool, and other electric clothes dryer man… #
  • Question Othority 2.25" Button > Library & Pub gift shop : Wigderson Library & Pub Gift Shop via @AddThis #
  • Question Othority Sticker (Rectangle) > Library & Pub gift shop : Wigderson Library & Pub Gift Shop via @AddThis #
  • New blog post: Wiggy Senatorial Preference Poll, last day: Today is the last day to vote in the Wiggy Senatorial… #
  • na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye! #kloppenburg #wiunion #
  • How to get out of chores at the Wigderson household: "But Dad, I want to finish reading this book first." #
  • Somebody needs to do a parody of "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" with a change to "Say Goodbye to Kloppenburg." #wiunion #tcot #wipolitics #
  • I'm just not interested in the secret schedule of Sarah Palin's bus tour. Apparently, it's still not secret enough. #
  • My daughter is explaining rules of a game at school. "The people who aren't wearing anything are runners." I'm sure that's out of context. #
  • Hart's three-run homer Brewers are leading on the road. #
  • I didn't want to click the link. I knew better than to click the link. I could've easily skipped it. I clicked the link. I'm sorry now. #
  • Ouch. JFC votes to close Ethan Allen in Waukesha County. Not unexpected but still sucks. #
  • E-mailed my wife and got an "out of office" reply. Sounds like an updated Rodney Dangerfield joke, #
  • Brewers win. Now I can retire to the laboratory and construct another monster column. Igor! My laptop! #
  • New blog post: Wiggy Senatorial Preference Poll Results: I’m actually surprised at how few of my readers picked … #
  • New blog post: Don’t show them the money: The Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimated tax revenue would be $636 mill… #
  • New blog post: Something to talk about in therapy when she is older: The best part is how long it takes for the … #
  • Soglin cancels year's 2nd Ride the Drive, other changes in store for biking event I knew he'd tick off the bicyclists #
  • New blog post: If I never see one of these again…: Do we really need to declare June as “Dairy Month” in Wiscons… #
  • What happens when you give power to appointed boards rather than accountable elected officials: #
  • New blog post: MacIver Solicits Information Regarding Labor Contracts, Union Membership Renewals: The MacIver In… #
  • Was it just me or were you waiting for #Kloppenburg to say, "Many Bothans died for this campaign." #
  • New blog post: I knew it. Paul Soglin hates all other bicyclists.: Madison Mayor Paul Soglin reveals he is an an… #
  • New blog post: Squatters: Protestors in Madison are preparing to camp near the Capitol in advance of the final s… #
  • New blog post: Good news about the virtual charter schools enrollment cap: State Representative André Jacque is … #
  • New blog post: Freeman Friday Night Live: We’re going to the Waukesha Freeman Friday Night Live. Are you? Should… #
  • New blog post: Finally, someone complains about the Capitol Police and their unwillingness to deal with disturba… #
  • New blog post: To err is Kathy: Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus sat down for an interview with the Waukesh… #
  • New blog post: Whew, it was close: Whew, it was close Supreme Court recount never should have happened Now that … #
  • New blog post: Welcome Anthony Weiner: Congressman Anthony Weiner is coming to Wisconsin for this weekend’s Demo… #
  • Wonder If We’ll Get An Explanation from John Nichols on This #
  • Weird that Friday Night Live ends so early. Just finished dinner and it's over. #waukesha #
  • Saw the mayor as we were heading towards Cuddles/Martha Merrills. Didn't recognize him in polo shirt and crocs instead of shirt & tie. #
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