Saturday, August 24th, 2019

"We certainly got rid of him"


Um, not quite. The above quote comes from a local Republican Party Leader, and the reference was to former Menomonee Falls Village President Jefferson Davis. But like the Old South, Jefferson Davis threatens to rise again.

Jefferson E. Davis has announced plans to run for the Office of Menomonee Falls Village President in the April ’07 Election. When making the announcement Davis said, “After much thought, careful consideration and at the encouragement of a lot of friends and supporters, I felt it was necessary to seek the Office of Village President for many reasons which include, but certainly aren’t limited to, immediate tax relief, ongoing challenges our community faces with finding an alternative to MMSD for treating waste, government reform, supporting the state legislature’s tax levy freeze, promoting the good qualities of Menomonee Falls, better communication with the public from Village Staff and Elected Officials, reviewing the multi-million dollar “unused sick leave” cash payouts for village retirees, lowering the well over $100 million in debt service, enhancing the village’s park system, properly using the taxpayer’s nearly $10 million surplus account, cost share ideas for benefits of village employees and eliminating the newly implemented garbage collection fee of $1.2 million to return it to the property tax roll where it belongs so we don’t morph into a Milwaukee with “fees” for everything.”

Davis, aside from a love of long sentences in his press releases, also suffers from an inability to keep his campaign finances straight. He was finally pushed out of office the last time by Waukesha DA Paul Bucher because of Davis’ questionable campaign bookkeeping.

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