Sunday, August 25th, 2019

What happens when the mayor doesn’t do his homework


Great article in the Waukesha Freeman today concerning proposed cuts to Waukesha’s bus system.  There could be cuts available to be made to the transit system in Waukesha, but when someone tries to swoop in at the end of the budget process to ask for them without having his homework done ahead of time, this is the result you get.  To the mayor’s credit, he claimed last Tuesday he did ask SEWRPC for a study of the bus system (someone should check with SEWRPC) but the study isn’t done yet.  Fine.  But as was evident last Tuesday night, the mayor had no idea how the system was funded or what the cuts would entail, and he still made the proposal.

One of the arguments I have heard for putting more responsibilities into the mayor’s hands is that he is the only member of the council who has full-time status.  Supposedly the full-time status would make the mayor more knowledgable than the aldermen.

Could have fooled me.

Budget meeting is tonight.

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