What to Wear to Work for a Real Estate Job

You’ve heard the phrase “dress for success” a hundred times. Whether it’s for a first date or a job interview, you want to make a good first impression. And that first impression is often centered on your wardrobe. While interviews often require that business casual and professional attire, certain jobs have different requirements once you’re working in your field.

For example, your banker shows up every day in suits, whereas a theatre performer can come to work in sweats for a dance rehearsal. Each job requires a specific costume to play your role well. For certain jobs, it’s easy to identify your approved wardrobe, for others it may be a little tricky. Real estate agents often toe that line of business professional and casual attire. If you’re looking to pursue a career in real estate, here are some things to think about while you’re filling up your closet.



Real estate is a multi-billion dollar industry that thrives off the backs of real estate agents. Selling a house or buying your dream home are huge moments in many family’s lives, and as an agent, you’re there for all of it. When people are trusting you with such a big financial decision, you need to prove you’re worthy of that trust. Lead with professionalism. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear uncomfortable, stuffy suits every single day, but take simple measures. Make sure your shirts and blouses are always pressed and you’re wearing sensible close-toed shoes. You can still add in your personality while keeping your wardrobe appropriate for the important job you are doing.

Also remember, real estate is a flexible business. Some days you’re out showing houses all afternoon, other days you’re inside focused on paperwork. Whether you’re working from an office or home will affect how you need to present yourself for the behind the scenes work. But when you’re out with clients, that is when professionalism and relatability are absolutely key.


Professionalism does not have to mean you’re uncomfortable. As a realtor, chances are you spend a lot of your day on your feet. When you’re showing houses and walking through layouts with clients, you’ll want to be sure you‘re comfortable. Maybe your six-inch stilettos or new polyester suit isn’t the best call for a day where you‘re constantly on your feet and on the go. Find some pieces that work for you in comfort and professionalism.

Comfort can be more high end than just tees and sneakers, and it can be more stylish than dress pants and sensible shoes. Where does your style meet comfort and professionalism? If you’re on the smaller side, looking into some stylish petite maxi dresses could be a great option. A longer maxi dress makes you approachable and instills that level of trust between realtor and client. With comfortable fabrics that fit any body type, these dress options will keep you on the go for your fast-paced, energized life in real estate.


Most people feel comfortable with a real estate agent with whom they can relate. For this reason, your wardrobe requirements can change and adjust based on your clients. If you are working with a more relaxed family, you may be able to wear a sundress rather than a pantsuit and skirts or for men khakis and a button-up rather than a shirt and tie. Or vice versa. As a realtor, you have the flexibility to relate to your clients through your clothing. So use that to foster connection and comfort within your relationship with your client.


Embrace the Ambiance

Another relationship you want to keep in mind is your relationship with your property. The ambiance of your real estate listings should affect your attire. For example, if you’re showing real estate in Ann Arbor, MI in the middle of January, you’ll need some appropriate outerwear. On the other hand, showing a vacation home in Sarasota, FL, would call for a different kind of outfit.

While you won’t be wearing shorts and flip flops, maybe a maxi dress or lighter pants may be appropriate. Remember in selling to prospective property consumers, you want to make them feel at home in the environment they may move into. Even the slightest change in wardrobe may help them see themselves in that environment.